The building process can be both exciting and stressful. Mettler Construction Ltd. is here to support and guide you through every step– without the stress.


During our initial consultation, we will discuss the design and building process and address all of your concerns and questions.


Rick works with the architect and client to design a custom home that is precisely what you envision. We consider everything – your lifestyle, your family’s wish list, your neighbourhood, and, of course, your budget.


When you are completely satisfied with the design of your custom home, and the blueprints are completed, the budget and timeline are discussed.

Using our technical skills and in-depth product and process knowledge, Rick will guide you through all the decisions that need to be made, when they need to be made.

House build by Mettler Construction Ltd in Merritt, BC
Mettler Construction Ltd. building site in the Nicola Valley BC
Building site for Mettler Construction in Merritt BC
Under construction- building by Mettler Construction Ltd, Merritt, BC
Home building site for Mettler Construction in Merritt BC
services- stairs-framing
Mettler Construction building process completed


Mettler Construction coordinates building permits, building inspections, Home Warranty registration and Home Owner Protection registration. Rick liases with sub-contractors to ensure a timely flow of work throughout construction. Rick is involved in all aspects of the home build and you can trust your dream home will be built with pride.

Find out more about our Home Warranty here.

Mettler Construction Ltd. homes are covered by Travelers New Home Warranty


Construction is the most exciting aspect of home building. 

You will have access to the Mettler Construction team throughout the process and will be kept up to date with the progress of your custom home. 

Phone calls and photos of progress seem to work well for clients who live a distance or an ocean away.

We are confident that our hands-on approach will ensure that you have a satisfying home building experience.

Mettler Construction team starting a new custom homr build
Framing work by Mettler Construction in Merritt
Mettler Construction building process on a new home foundation
Mettler Construction timber work on  a new custom home
Nicola Lake project by Mettler Construction in Merritt
Windows going in at the house on Quilchena Lake project by Mettler Construction
Nicola Lake project by Mettler Construction in Merritt
Mettler Construction building process almost complete on a Nicola Valley project